Powershell Add Multiple Users Quickly

Quickly add bulk Active Directory users. How to add many users in bulk at once.
Screenshots, instructions, and downloads: http://bit.ly/1P26Jzf

I put out a couple other videos with a slightly different method and script, but I feel this one is a lot more simple and easier to work with.

Why manually create multiple users in Active Directory when you can script it using Powershell?

Tutorial options:
• Watch and follow the video tutorial here
• Read and follow the text tutorial at http://pc-addicts.com/powershell-create-multiple-users-ver-2
• Both!

Powershell – Create Multiple Users in Active Directory Quickly
• Simplify the creation of multiple users in Active Directory.
• Maintain standardization for punctuation and the proper fields needing to be filled in.

What you will need:
• New-Users_Sent.xlsx — The spreadsheet we are sending to HR
• New-Users_Returned.xlsx — The returned spreadsheet from HR
• NewUsers.csv — The CSV version of the New-Users_Returned.xlsx spreadsheet
• Add-NewUsers.ps1 — Powershell script that will create the user accounts

Additional requirements:
• Quest ActiveRoles ADManagement Powershell Snapin
• .net Framework 3.5 with SP1 or higher

…. read more and find all the information you need, including scripts and the spreadsheets, here: http://bit.ly/1P26Jzf

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