Scripting in VBScript – How to get started

This is me creating a very cheap and simple program that shows how to use the basics of VBScripting.

It shows how to use buttons.

It shows how to use the IF/Else/End if statements to make a simple login screen

It shows how to use the web browser tool to allow users to check their myspace.

This video is made for people that don’t even know how to make .bat files and want to see how to start VBScripting. I’m not specificly telling people what all this does, as there are tons of tutorials on youtube telling what to do. This one just shows what you do to START.

I plan on making other videos to show things that many people would find usefull such as creating a smooth health bar for a video game that works correctly. Just some things some people may not know, but want to find out.

This is where I learned how to VBScript. To learn what the If/Else/End If statements or other statements do, read here or check out other youtube videos.

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