Vbscript Pop UP Message Box full tutorial with code Advanced use but easy to follow part 1

In part 2 i will show you how to use the buttons seperatly
msgbox(“simple msgbox”),0,(“Miutubevids”)
save as vbs
Messege icons and buttons code for number between the commas
0 ok button
1 ok and a cancel button
2 abort, retry, and ignore buttons
3 yes, no, and cancel buttons
4 yes and no buttons
5 retry and cancel buttons
6-15 ok button
16 an icon of a ERROR sign, a circle with a cross on it and a ok button
32 an icon of a QUESTION mark sign “?” with a ok button
48 an icon of a WARNING sign, a triangle with a “!” on it and a ok button
64 an blue information icon
By miutubevids
How Do We Know
The Living End

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