VBScript – System File Spammer (Part 1 Of 2).avi

Hello Youtuber’s, Today I’ll Show YOU how to Script
a System File Spammer. This project is Moderate on Difficulty level
But Hopefully you’ll enjoy this tutorial.

What this Will Do:
Create Registry Startup Entry for Main Script
Create Temp Names for .VBS Files
That the main Script Generates & Adds Registry Keys For
Each .VBS Created by Main Script.
Inside of .VBS Files Contains a Nag Msg
If User clicks cancel it will continue through script
if User Clicks OK Their System Will be Restarted in 5 Seconds.

Upon Restart:
Registry Entry Previously created Starts up Main Script
Registry Entries Previously Created Starts all .VBS Files Main
Script has Created.

Note: Depending on how user edits the Script This Can
Become Malicious. I Hold NO Responsibility for how you
Modify or Use The Script Source / Tutorial Information.
If YOU do use this for malicious purposes, You hold all
responsibility for your actions. This Tutorial is for
Educational Purposes. Although The Source Created in this
tutorial is Annoying / Mischievous it is in no way a Virus,Worm,Trojan.
Happy Scripting!

Thanks for watching Part 1 of 2

I Hope you have enjoyed this Tutorial part please
watch part 2 of 2 to finish the lesson.

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